“Patch The Most Important Operating System In Your Network, The Human”

Depending on your industry, Humanfirewalls creates unique educational programs and training for your employees to increase security awareness in your organization and to reduce the risk of getting compromised. Our promise is to build Human Firewalls in your organization that will act as human sensors capable of detecting advanced Cyber Attacks that other expensive technical controls still might miss. Several organizations focus on the technical side of Cyber Security to protect their organization, and forget that the users’ behaviors such as opening e-mails, clicking on vulnerable links, installing and running applications, sending and receiving data and accessing insecure websites, could also pose a threat

Initial Assessment

Social Engineering

We define Social Engineering as the art of using deception techniques to manipulate the human in order to give up confidential information. Hackers know that the easiest way to infiltrate into a network is by targeting the human factor in an organization, and that the chances of success are higher when the level of awareness is low within the company.

Our Services will provide the following:

Utilization of crafted e-mails as the communication channel to trick and convince the user to open a malicious attachment, access an insecure website or provide sensitive information.

Utilization of the phone as the communication channel for elicitation of confidential information and manipulation of the user.

A Human Vulnerability Scanner

25 customized questions that will allow you to measure certain human behaviors, risk and the level of awareness in your organization.

Setting The Bar

Post-initial assessments results that will provide a comprehensive view of your company’s security baseline.

Building Human Firewalls

Cyber Security Education

Personalized Training
We will use personalized industry specific training in order to educate your employees and reduce the risk of getting compromised. We will strive to create a security awareness culture within the company through the implementation of learning modules such as:

-Senior Leadership

-Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

-Protecting Protected Health Information (PHI)

-Mobile Device Security

-Password Security

-And more…

Developing A Security Culture

Monthly Newsletters
We will provide a monthly recap of information that has been provided to the users in order to reinforce training and the modules that they complete within that particular period. You will be able to incorporate your logo in these documents to build your security brand throughout your organization.

Weekly Articles
We will distribute weekly news updates in order to keep your employees informed of the Cyber Security events occurring around the world. This will help them understand the relevance of what they are learning in the workplace.

We design personalized visually engaging Posters that highlight the main ideas from the security awareness training. You will be able to incorporate your own logo to emphasize the development of your own security culture.

Challenging Your Human Firewalls

Phishing Campaigns
Performed throughout the whole program to evaluate its effectiveness, measure the level of awareness of employees and evaluate the company’s risk.

Post-Training Survey
We will provide a survey at the end of training to measure what your employees have learned throughout the whole program. Responses will be compared to the initial survey to identify areas of improvement, and any opportunities for reinforcement.

Post-Implementation Reports
Our team will build a customized report detailing your company’s progress after each phishing assessment and associated monthly module. These reports will serve to validate your company’s Return on Investment (ROI) in the Security Awareness Program.

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