meet our team

HumanFirewalls is a Team of people Passionate About Information Security.

HumanFirewalls is an organization that prides itself on offering top of the line Security Services such as Security Awareness, Threat Intelligence, Network Security Monitoring, Compliance Management, Vulnerability Management, Integrity Controls, and Cloud-based Web and E-mail Security. Humanfirewalls understands that small/midsized companies rarely have the in-house expertise, the time, or the budget to implement the right security controls that could protect their organizations from threats that are now capable to avoid detection and bypass traditional security controls. Therefore, we have developed different strategies that will fit their budget, reduce the risk of getting compromised and highlight their company’s ROI. We firmly believe that Cyber Security must be addressed proactively with next generation continuous endpoint monitoring in order to identify, respond, contain and recover rapidly from advanced attacks. In addition, we agree that with the implementation of the proper Cyber Security education and high level of awareness, we can establish a powerful form of defense against advanced Cyber Attacks at the primary level.

What we do