“…Because We Approach The Security Of Your Organization Addressing The Human Element And Using Non-Traditional Security Controls To Protect And Defend Your Business At A Low Cost…”

Real-Time Proactive Technology

Most of inexperienced IT services provide security solutions that continue to fail, and this is because they rely on data that is gathered after an attack rather than stopping the attack from occurring in the first place. HumanFirewalls understands that Cyber Security must be addressed proactively with next generation continuous endpoint monitoring in order to identify, respond, contain and recover rapidly from advanced attacks.

The Human Factor

Spam increased 250% from JAN 2014 to NOV 2014 proving that criminals are taking advantage of users’ lack of awareness. The Human is the most important asset in a company because without its employees, a company would be nonexistent. With the implementation of the proper Cyber Security education and high level of awareness, we can establish a powerful form of defense against advanced cyber attacks at the primary level.

Fits Your Budget

HumanFirewalls understands that small/midsized companies rarely have the in-house expertise, the time, or the budget to implement the right security controls that could protect their organizations from threats that are now capable to avoid detection and bypass traditional security controls. Therefore, we have developed different strategies that will fit your budget, reduce the risk of getting compromised and highlight your company’s ROI.


Studies revealed that almost 40% of companies with less than 50 employees are enjoying the efficiency, flexibility and productivity of business operations on the cloud. HumanFirewalls realizes the benefits of the cloud, as well, and offers security solutions leveraging the cloud to cut the deployment process tremendously, and to allow online access to digital training materials, quizzes and lectures at your employees’ convenience.

People, Process and Technology Working Together!

“…Because We Approach The Security Of Your Organization Addressing The Human Element And Using Non-Traditional Security Controls To Protect And Defend Your Business At A Low Cost…”

Instant Compliance

Our security solutions will help you immediately to automate and achieve continuous compliance reducing the time and cost of this complex process allowing you to focus more on your business operations. We improve your processes, increase the level of awareness on your employees and provide business actionable intelligence helping your organization to have the appropriate compliance resources to accelerate your audit programs for PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27002, SOX, GPG 13, and more.

Less Risk of a Breach

It is proven that a strong Cyber Security program could cut your company’s risk of getting compromised in half. Calculating risk allows and organization to better understand their points of exposure. If an organization is going to survive, it is critical that they are able to protect and limit the damage that exposure points may sustain. Our promise as a company is to help you reduce your overall risk to an acceptable level and secure your data without affecting your business operations and maintaining your reputation.

Stay in Business

Studies show that 60% of small companies who fall victim to a serious cyber attack go out of business due to the lack of prevention, protection and remediation plans. Many don’t even notice they are already compromised until it is tool late to respond, and this is where HumanFirewalls can step in and provide the Cyber Security intelligence that you need to stop worrying and keep dreaming about your business.

ROI + Competitive Advantage

With HumanFirewalls you will be working with a virtual Cyber Security Team that will provide security awareness, continuous monitoring, immediate compliance, and more at a fraction of a cost that it would be to hire an internal employee to take care of these same tasks. Additionally, 73% of SMBs say a trusted Internet is critical to their success, but almost 87% do not have a formal written Internet security policy for their employees. Our goal is to provide the necessary security controls and intelligence to put you ahead of your competitors, and attract more business.

“Patch The Most Important Operating System In Your Network, The HUMAN “

Depending on your industry, Humanfirewalls creates unique educational programs and training for your employees to increase security awareness in your organization and to reduce the risk of getting compromised.

Our promise is to build Human Firewalls in your organization that will act as human sensors capable of detecting advanced Cyber Attacks that other expensive technical controls still might miss. Several organizations focus on the technical side of Cyber Security to protect their organization, and forget that the users’ behaviors such as opening e-mails, clicking on vulnerable links, installing and running applications, sending and receiving data and accessing insecure websites, could also pose a threat.

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Network Security Continuous Monitoring

Our customized security management platform is designed to get complete security visibility of your network allowing us to defend it effectively against today’s advanced treats.

24/7 Continuous Threat Hunting
24/7 Continuous Threat Hunting

“Security visibility is not a TECHNOLOGY problem; it is a RESOURCE problem”

Our Packages

(Customize and build your own package to fit your organization’s environment and budget)
  • Threat Hunter

  • Start protecting up to 25 assets
  • Threat Intelligence Cloud
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Unified Continuous Monitoring
  • Endpoint Visibility & Investigation
  • Threat Containment & Detection
  • Continuous Compliance
    (Reports for HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX and more..)
  • 24/7 Threat Hunting
  • Threat hunter+

  • Protect up to 75 assets
  • All of Threat Hunter
  • High-Impact Security Awareness Program
  • 24/7 Threat Hunting


  • Threat Chief

  • Protect up to 150 assets
  • All of Threat Hunter+
  • Real-Time Attack Termination & Remediation
  • 24/7 Threat Hunting


  • Threat Chief+

  • Unlimited Assets
  • All of Threat Chief
  • Cloud-based Email & Web Security
  • Browser Isolation
  • 24/7 Threat Hunting